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About Unit

The Special Infectious Agents (SIAU) Unit is one of the leading centers offering top quality diagnostic service and research in infectious diseases and viruses by strengthening national capacities to implement effective prevention, therapeutic control pro-programs practically and technically, economically viable, socially acceptable and promoting development Laboratory, clinical and field infrastructure, including epidemiological analysis, surveillance systems and control of biological carriers, control activities, applied research to reduce and eliminate the burden of communicable diseases in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. The Unit aims to establish a model academic center for advanced research in communicable diseases in the Special Infectious Agents Unit at King Fahd Medical Research Center through a multidisciplinary team to develop innovative applied research on health problems and participate in community awareness programs including public education, In the Infectious Diseases Department.



Promoting infectious disease training and education ,Transferring the latest technologies of diagnosing... Read more >>


Diagnostic Role early detection and Diagnosis of the infectious agents, Research , Training & Education... Read more >>


Microbiology, Molecular, Virology, Advanced Molecular Techniques , Quality and Mobile Laboratories... Read more >>


Group of high qualified professors, Researchers, Technicians and administratives... Read more >>


Specialized and advanced laboratories equipments and machines used in SIAU laboratories... Read more >>


SIAU published a lot of researches in a highly impact factors journals beside press conferences... Read more >>


SIAU collaborate with many local and International organiztions beside several highly cited Researchers... Read more >>


Academic programs include post-graduate student advisor and supervision related to SIAU res... Read more >>

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